The Swimming Association of Maldives (Registration Number: 2/83) is an independent body founded and operated with the provisions of Act 1/2003 of the Maldivian Constitution (the Associations Act: 1/2003), complying to its obligations of duties and regulations on governance. Its members retain full rights to convey grievances, acknowledge grievances, the legal acquisition of finances and goods as per the law, and upholding a sustainable income as per the abovementioned Act.

The governing body (Registrar) of the Swimming Association of Maldives is the National Sports Council of Maldives. The Committee will be directly responsible of the Swimming Association of Maldives in its entirety if no executive committee is incumbent, and will remain so until the general meeting is held, candidates for the executive committee nominated and voted upon, and the executive committee is convened and instated. After the Executive Committee is instated, all responsibilities of the Swimming Association of Maldives fall upon it in accordance with this document.


“Steadfast in teaching swimming to all and developing swimming as sport”


  • The association must comply with the Articles of Association and strive to meet the objectives and goals stated herein.
  • Introducing, expanding the practices and developing all water sports such as swimming training, swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, platform diving and water polo.
  • Organizing and undertaking water sport activities throughout the Maldives, aiding and enforcing a practice of organizing such sporting activities by other organizations, enabling as many water sport athletes to take part in these activities and planning and implementing all such activities in Maldives.
  • To eradicate gender bias or discrimination in the handicapped sports arena.
  • Keeping up to date and researching on the charters and laws of the International Swimming Federation, and disseminating this information to athletes, officials and other effective parties. The Association must strive to introduce and implement the international charter, including amendments and changes, in Maldives in accordance with the constitution.
  • Compiling the regulations for various water sports activities held in the country and publishing and implementing these regulations. Swimming Association of Maldives must monitor activities to ensure regulations are being followed, and should outline penalizations for going against it. The Association is also responsible to implement these guidelines, and taking action against those who break the rules.
  • Striving to uphold and better the reputation of Maldives in the international arena by involvement in regional competitions and focusing on winning prestigious titles.
  • Ensuring that all competitions and championships are drug free by strict regulation and if needed, formulating policies and rules that would effectively curb any drug abuse in championships and competitions and implementing these ant-doping policies and rules.
  • The association must try everything in their power to meet the objectives stated in this document with respect to Islam and the constitution of Maldives, and additionally develop and expand water sports in the country. The association must also retain ties with international bodies in order to increase opportunities for Maldivian participants to get involved in major competitions and championships.
  • Work on commercial expansion to further develop water sports in Maldives.
  • In addition to the objectives stated above, the association must organize activities to meet the goals stated in this document in accordance with Islam and the constitution of Maldives.
  • Seeking national and international aid to develop water sports in Maldives in collaboration with the government and to acquire resources and facilities needed to meet this goal.
  • Conducting training courses on swimming, life saving and rescue programs throughout the Maldives, and also organizing programs to increase awareness among the public on the importance of learning how to swim. Regulations concerning these programs and implementation are the responsibility of this association.


Developing and expanding practices of water sports, training personnel for this cause, popularizing water sports in the country and increasing involvement of the public in such activities, enriching opportunities for interested individuals, and making water sports the most beneficial sport among Maldivians.


Popularizing water sports amongst the public, and gaining Maldives a prestigious reputation in the international arena through constant participation in water sport competitions and championships.