4th Elections

General Details

Event: The 4th Elections of Swimming Association of Maldives
Location: Male’, Maldives
Voting Date: 25 July 2020

Venue, Time and Details

Venue: Hulhumale Sports Complex (Hulhumale’ Swimming Pool Building)

Reporting Time: 10:30am

Attire for Members: Smart Casual

Attire for Candidates & Executive Committee Members: Official (Shirt and Tie for Men and Official Dress for Women)

Additional Preventative Measures due to COVID-19:  As per the recommendation of HPA, all members must be wearing masks that should cover their nose and mouth. All members are to bring a blue or black inked pen for the voting.

Please bring your Membership Card, National Identity Card, Passport, Passport Card or Driving Licence along with you when attending.


Candidate for the Post of President:

1) Mohamed Abdul Sattar

Candidates for the Post of Vice President:

1) Ahmed Niyaz

2) Ismail Ali

Candidate for the Post of Treasurer:

1) Ali Shameem

Candidates for the Club Representative

1) Ahmed Fayaz

2) Ahmed Firass Afeef

Candidates for the Coach Representative:

1) Ahmed Zunaij

2) Mohamed Zahid

3) Mariyam Nafha Ali

Candidate for the Technical Members Representaive:

1) Ahmed Raidh Ali

Candidates for the Individual Members Representaive (Female):

1) Khadeeja Easa Fulhu

2) Raheema Adam

Candidates for the Individual Members Representaive (Male):

1) Hassan Siraar

2) Ismail Faruhaan

Elections Committee

Ali Saleem

Ahmed Abeer Ismail

Mohamed Aneel Abdul Latheef

Voters and Member Lists

# Full Name (English) ID No.
1 ABDULLA AREEF A****91 Athlete
2 ADAM MOHAMED A****36 Coach
3 AHMED FAIZ A****40 Coach
4 AHMED FAYAZ A****11 Executive Member
5 AHMED MAZEEDH A****85 Technical Official
6 AHMED NIYAZ A****77 Athlete
7 AHMED RAIDH A****19 Technical Official
8 AHMED RIYAZ A****58 Instructor
10 AHMED SHAFEEQ A****03 Athlete
11 AHMED SHAFEEQ A****60 Instructor
12 AHMED SHIHAM A****67 Athlete
13 AHMED ZAYYAN AREEF A****88 Technical Official
14 AHMED ZUNAIJ A****90 Coach
15 AISHATH NAHIDA A****27 Instructor
16 AISHATH SAJINA A****13 Athlete
17 ALI SHAMEEM A****11 Exofficio Member
18 AMINATH IBRAHIM A****45 Athlete
19 AMINATH MUBARIK A****96 Athlete
20 AMINATH ZAAIN AREEF A****92 Technical Official
21 AYHAM AHMED SHAMIN A****21 Technical Official
23 FATHIH ABOOBAKURU A****11 Instructor
24 FATHIMATH FARIHA A****98 Technical Official
26 HASSAN ASHRAF A****35 Athlete
27 HASSAN SAAMIH MOHAMED A****07 Technical Official
28 HASSAN SIRAAR A****18 Technical Official
29 HUSSAIN MUBAH A****97 Athlete
30 HUSSAIN RASHEED A****86 Athlete
31 HUSSAIN RASHEED A****15 Instructor
32 IBRAHIM AHMED A****85 Coach
33 IBRAHIM ALI A****06 Coach
34 IBRAHIM MOOSA A****17 Coach
35 IBRAHIM RIYAZ A****82 Coach
36 INAZ MOHAMED A****15 Athlete
37 ISMAIL ALI A****99 Exofficio Member
38 ISMAIL FARUHAAN A****27 Coach
39 IZWA KAMIL A****96 Technical Official
41 MARIYAM JAIDHA A****57 Technical Official
42 MARIYAM NAFHA ALI A****20 Coach
43 MARIYAM RAIMA A****20 Technical Official
44 MOHAMED ABDUL SATTAR A****74 Exofficio Member
45 MOHAMED AMIR A****20 Athlete
46 MOHAMED JAUFARU A****64 Coach
47 MOHAMED MICHAIL ALI A****08 Technical Official
48 MOHAMED NAHUDHY A****10 Instructor
49 MOHAMED SAMEER A****54 Technical Official
50 MOHAMED SHARIF A****27 Exofficio Member
51 MOHAMED WISHAM A****64 Coach
52 MOHAMED YAISH HUSSAIN A****08 Technical Official
53 MOHAMED ZAHID A****41 Coach
54 MOOSA KHALEEL A****57 Instructor
55 MOOSA RASHEED A****51 Athlete
56 MUBAL AZZAM IBRAHIM A****78 Athlete
57 MUSTHAFA NASEER A****79 Athlete
59 RANEEN AHMED HASSAN A****65 Technical Official
60 SAMAAHATH ALI A****95 Technical Official
61 SHADIYA HASSAN A****09 Athlete
62 SHAIHA ALI A****36 Technical Official
63 YAAMIN FAISAL IBRAHIM A****33 Executive Member
# Full Name ID No.
1 Abdulla Aiman Mohamed A****34 Technical Official
2 Abdulla Areef A****91 Athlete
3 Abdulla Naawee Ahmed A****71 Athlete
4 Abdulla Rasheed A****22 Technical Official
5 Abdulla Shafeeq A****34 Instructor
6 Adam Mohamed A****36 Coach
7 Ahmed Atheek Amir A****06 Athlete
8 Ahmed Faiz A****40 Coach
9 Ahmed Fayaz A****11 Executive Member
10 Ahmed Haaim Hassan A****21 Athlete
11 Ahmed Haseen Naseer A****14 Athlete
12 Ahmed Main Moosa A****81 Athlete
13 Ahmed Mazeedh A****85 Technical Official
14 Ahmed Neeq Niyaz A****23 Athlete
15 Ahmed Niyaz A****77 Athlete
16 Ahmed Raidh A****19 Technical Official
17 Ahmed Riyaz A****58 Instructor
18 Ahmed Shaavee Rafiu A****33 Athlete
19 Ahmed Shafeeq A****03 Athlete
20 Ahmed Shafeeq A****60 Instructor
21 Ahmed Shiham A****67 Athlete
22 Ahmed Zayyan Areef A****88 Technical Official
23 Ahmed Zunaij A****90 Coach
24 Aika Mohamed Shafeeg A****50 Athlete
25 Aish Alin Afsal A****56 Athlete
26 Aisha Aiza Hussain A****28 Athlete
27 Aisha Noya Abdulla Ibrahim A****65 Athlete
28 Aishath Aleena Shahid A****05 Athlete
29 Aishath Hulva Khulail A****62 Athlete
30 Aishath Meesha Mohamed Rishan A****72 Athlete
31 Aishath Nahida A****27 Instructor
32 Aishath Nashaa Nahsan A****73 Athlete
33 Aishath Reehaam Haris A****14 Athlete
34 Aishath Rubaina Ahmed A****60 Athlete
35 Aishath Saha Nasheed A****84 Athlete
36 Aishath Sajina A****13 Athlete
37 Aishath Sausan A****84 Athlete
38 Aishath Shaiha Shafiu A****54 Athlete
39 Aishath Shaya Shafeeu A****58 Athlete
40 Aishath Theesha Mohamed A****58 Athlete
41 Aishath Ula Naeem A****64 Athlete
42 Aishath Ulya Ali A****22 Athlete
43 Aishath Ulya Shaig A****45 Athlete
44 Ali Abyan Amir A****14 Athlete
45 Ali Imaan A****45 Athlete
46 Ali Shameem A****11 Executive Member
47 Aliya Abdul Wahid A****37 Athlete
48 Aminath Azka Adhil A****07 Athlete
49 Aminath Ibrahim A****45 Athlete
50 Aminath Juhaina Mohamed A****24 Athlete
51 Aminath Luyoona Nasih A****16 Athlete
52 Aminath Mubarik A****96 Athlete
53 Aminath Rafaha Ramiz A****85 Athlete
54 Aminath Shajan A****16 Athlete
55 Aminath Shiyum Shiham A****84 Athlete
56 Aminath Zaain Areef A****92 Technical Official
57 Ayaana Areef A****86 Athlete
58 Ayham Ahmed Shamin A****21 Technical Official
59 Bluefin Sports Club Club
60 Dalia A’ida Latheef A****09 Athlete
61 Dhaain Ahmed Shageef A****70 Athlete
62 Fathih Aboobakuru A****11 Instructor
63 Fathimath Anjal Fayaz A****87 Athlete
64 Fathimath Eshal Asad Haneef A****36 Athlete
65 Fathimath Fariha A****98 Technical Official
66 Fathimath Nasreena A****96 Athlete
67 Fathimath Rafha Ramiz A****81 Athlete
68 Hanan Hussain Haleem A****57 Athlete
69 Hassan Ashraf A****35 Athlete
70 Hassan Naail Moosa A****32 Athlete
71 Hassan Saamih A****07 Technical Official
72 Hassan Siraar A****18 Technical Official
73 Hassan Zain A****89 Athlete
74 Hawwa Aisha Shareef A****51 Athlete
75 Hidha Abdulla Naushad A****36 Athlete
76 Hussain Alsan Mohamed A****05 Athlete
77 Hussain Haish Hassan A****72 Athlete
78 Hussain Izz Imad A****91 Athlete
79 Hussain Mubah A****97 Athlete
80 Hussain Rasheed A****86 Athlete
81 Hussain Rasheed A****15 Instructor
82 Ibrahim Ahmed A****85 Coach
83 Ibrahim Ali A****06 Coach
84 Ibrahim Lamaan Moosa A****78 Athlete
85 Ibrahim Ma’adh Sajid A****22 Athlete
86 Ibrahim Maishaan Shameem A****63 Athlete
87 Ibrahim Moosa A****17 Coach
88 Ibrahim Nafeel Ismail A****73 Athlete
89 Ibrahim Riyaz A****82 Coach
90 Ibrahim Suoodh A****64 Instructor
91 Inaz Mohamed A****15 Athlete
92 Ismail Ali A****99 Executive Member
93 Ismail Faruhaan A****27 Coach
94 Ismail Sharihu Shafiu A****53 Athlete
95 Izwa Kamil A****96 Technical Official
96 Izyan Nazim A****40 Athlete
97 Luth Muhammadh Shafiu A****14 Athlete
98 Maldives Lifeguard Association Club
99 Mariyam Anum Mohamed Faiz A****63 Athlete
100 Mariyam Aqsa Asad Haneef A****96 Athlete
101 Mariyam Jaidha A****57 Technical Official
102 Mariyam Kayla Imad A****22 Athlete
103 Mariyam Nabaahath Azim A****78 Athlete
104 Mariyam Nafha Ali A****20 Coach
105 Mariyam Noor Thaufeeq A****84 Athlete
106 Mariyam Nuzhath A****10 Technical Official
107 Mariyam Raima A****20 Technical Official
108 Maryam Azka Hussain A****89 Athlete
109 Meral Ayn Latheef A****30 Athlete
110 Mohamed Aaish Sinan A****00 Athlete
111 Mohamed Abaan Rasheed A****76 Athlete
112 Mohamed Abdul Sattar A****74 Executive Member
113 Mohamed Amir A****20 Athlete
114 Mohamed Ashham Ahmed Sinan A****34 Athlete
115 Mohamed Aydin Niyaz A****00 Athlete
116 Mohamed Jaufaru A****64 Coach
117 Mohamed Joodh Fayaz A****30 Athlete
118 Mohamed Jumain Jaufar A****85 Athlete
119 Mohamed Kiyan Asif A****82 Athlete
120 Mohamed Looth Hussain A****27 Athlete
121 Mohamed Michail Ali A****08 Technical Official
122 Mohamed Nahudhee A****10 Instructor
123 Mohamed Rihan Shiham A****41 Athlete
124 Mohamed Sameer A****54 Technical Official
125 Mohamed Sharif A****27 Executive Member
126 Mohamed Thaufeeq A****28 Instructor
127 Mohamed Wisham A****64 Coach
128 Mohamed Yaish Hussain A****08 Technical Official
129 Mohamed Yaish Saamee A****75 Athlete
130 Mohamed Zahid A****41 Coach
131 Moosa Khaleel A****57 Instructor
132 Moosa Rasheed A****51 Athlete
133 Mubal Azzam Ibrahim A****78 Athlete
134 Muhammad Ammar Faisal A****10 Athlete
135 Musthafa Naseer A****79 Athlete
136 New Lagoon Swimming Club Club
137 Raheema Adam A****61 Instructor
138 Raneen Ahmed Hassan A****65 Technical Official
139 Rifasha Ahmed Faiz A****73 Athlete
140 Samaahath Ali A****95 Technical Official
141 Sarah Ibrahim Jaleel A****75 Athlete
142 Shadiya Hassan A****09 Athlete
143 Shaiha Ali A****36 Technical Official
144 Sports Nature Club
145 Tara Binth Ismail Shakir A****21 Athlete
146 Xaina La-Aaly Sadhyf A****12 Athlete
147 Yaamin Faisal Ibrahim A****33 Executive Member
148 Yaaseen Mohamed Yoosuf A****01 Athlete
149 Yoosuf Ayaan Rizvee A****53 Athlete
150 Yoosuf Nuhaik Naseem A****43 Athlete
151 Yousuf Yushau Yasaar A****58 Athlete
152 Zaha Zaidhul Khaleel A****81 Athlete


  • Above is the list of all members of Swimming Association of Maldives.
  • Voters list will be published on 15th of March 2020 as per the rules of the 4th elections of the association.

Additional Information and Announcements

ކްލެރިފިކޭޝަން: ސްވިމިންގ އެސޯސިއޭޝަން އޮފް މޯލްޑިވްސްގެ 4 ވަނަ އިންތިޚާބުގެ ޤަވައިދުގެ (8.) ވަނަ މާއްދާގެ (ހ) ގައި ބަޔާންކޮށްފައިވާ ތާރީޚަކީ 12 މާރިޗް ވާ އާދީއްތަ ދުވަސް ކަމުގައި ދެންނެވިފައި ވަނީ ޢިމްލާ ކުށަކުންނެވެ. މީގެ ރަނގަޅުގޮތަކީ 15 މާރިޗް ވާ އާދީއްތަ ދުވަސްކަމުގައި ދަންނަވަމެވެ.

4th Elections